Adam Johnson stuns crowd


Hongwan Wu

Adam Johnson reading part of The Orphan Master's Son on Monday in the Stanford lecture hall.

Entering the room, amidst an uproar of interest, Johnson’s presence deploys silence across the lecture hall. Upon his entrance conversations ceased, seemingly deemed irrelevant by wide eyed students, hoping that their questions would soon be answered.

As the recently awarded Pulitzer Prize winner, Adam Johnson, settled into his respective position, there was a surplus of interest spouting through each member of the audience. Soon after, Johnson began to read pages from deep within his award winning novel- The Orphan Master’s Son.

“I sunk the opener into the can, and I began to cut a slow circle. My father sniffed the air.

‘Peaches.’ He asked.

‘Yes,’ I told him. ‘In their own sweet liquor'”.

As expected, Johnson’s tone of voice adequately conveyed the images depicted in his writings. Completely stunned, the crowd responded in bursts of praise. Afterwards, Johnson discussed Korean affairs with a colleague- Martin Williams. When asked why American media exaggerates national affairs Williams responded with “Because it’s easier.”

After the lecture, the award winning author stuck around to re-sign sign a few pre-signed copies of his work. With vivid diction, and the knowledge he carries with him, Johnson kept the crowd’s attention for well over sixty minutes. Not only was the event enjoyable, but it was informative for all who attended.

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